Super Suiyoubi Sale with Video: Minna no Nihongo Bunkei Renshuchou – Sentence Patterns Exercise Book

This week (until August 1st, 2012), we are discounting these two workbooks to only $20 each.

Click here to learn more about these books at TJS.

These two workbooks are designed to go with the two beginner level textbooks of the Minna no Nihongo series. They are, however, equally well-suited for students using other textbooks. These workbooks practice common and essential sentence patterns in Japanese.

Through the use of various types of questions and short writing exercises, the book trains the learner to recognize and understand beginner-level sentence patterns, grammatical structures, and words. This is reinforced by many illustrations and easy-to-understand charts.

The book comes with an answer key in the back. Therefore, it could be used by students studying without a teacher. However, I would recommend these books more for students with a teacher or tutor. Many of the exercises require some writing and even the multiple choice questions are given without explicit explanation.

For example, one of the first multiple choice questions is how to give one’s name. Two options are presented: one saying the name followed by “san” and then “desu” and the other option is without the “san.” Of course you should never refer to yourself with a “san” but the beginner would not know that.

That being said, if you use Minna no Nihongo (or most other textbooks) that simple fact is covered early on.

Still, many of the questions are open-ended and could have more than one correct answer. In addition, a teacher can help you improve your writing ability.

If you are looking for a book to help you practice Japanese sentences and common constructions, this is excellent. But you may want to look for something else if you don’t have ready access to a native speaker or teacher of Japanese.

Click here to learn more about these books at TJS.


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